Upgrades and Hotfixes - Necessary or not?

NCV MEEK asked on October 1, 2019 18:55

We're embarking on a set of upgrades as we've got too far behind. We have sites on v8.2, v9.0.1 and v10 (various hotfixes). We are intending to move all of them to v12.

Obviously I know we have to go through all the major releases, which will be quite a journey!

I was wondering if it is necessary, good practice, or irrelevant to install the latest hotfix on each major version before continuing?

for example:  v10.x > v10.0.52 > v11.0 > v11.0.49 > v12.0 > v12+latest hotfix => done!
Or (easier!)  v10.x            > v11.0            > v12.0 > v12+latest hotfix => done!


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Brenden Kehren answered on October 1, 2019 19:16

Only need to upgrade to the major version then to the next major version. Only time you need to apply the HF is when you're on your final major version, in your case, v12.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 1, 2019 19:18

Also note, if you have any custom code, only upgrade that to the latest version.

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