Update the Form Fields Before Saving (Kentico 7)

Avinash P asked on August 17, 2016 13:46

i have an online form on kentico site(Run on Kentico 7), Form have filed name called zip code,city(hidden field) and state(hidden field). i want to read that zip code in code and pass to web service to return city and state then assign city and state value to corresponding fields.

Then in the notification email area, we'd like to be able to populate the city and state based off of the zip code that the person entered on the form.

Thanks for any help.

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Jan Hermann answered on August 17, 2016 15:47

I recommend to implement custom form control for that:

Example - Developing custom form controls

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Avinash P answered on August 18, 2016 06:58 (last edited on August 18, 2016 13:59)

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