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Ayoub Ag. asked on June 26, 2015 16:46

Hi everybody,

i'm using kentico V7

i'm creating a powershell script to get an automatic update to geoIpCity file from MaxMind, as mentioned on kentico documentation, when we want to activate the geolocation via IP. everything work fine except when i want to override the existing file GeoIPCity.dat it's locked by kentico services, the unique way that i found to unlock it is by removing the key <add key="CMSGeoIPLocationFileName" value="GeoIPCity.dat" /> from the web.config file and put it back once the copy finished, knowing at each time it performs an IISReset of my site.
Is there any way to unlock GeoIPCity file without an IISReset?
Thank you

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 27, 2015 18:26

If the file is in use, that's really the only way, unless you are able to write some sort of powershell script to unlock it without resetting IIS. Typically with IIS locking it, there's no way around it then.

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