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Amit Srivastava asked on December 20, 2016 06:26


I am using custom registration web part with some custom fields and i need to display that fields values in a page. i have finished these things but now i need to update field value on button click i am using UserInfo user = UserInfoProvider.GetUserInfo(MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser.UserName); FirstNameValue.Text = user.SetValue(CurrentUser.FirstName, value); UserInfoProvider.SetUserInfo(user); API for updating user details but it's displaying some error. Please let me know How to update User details using API.

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Anton Grekhovodov answered on December 20, 2016 07:42

Hi Amit,

I see several errors in this code:

1) user.SetValue(CurrentUser.FirstName, "") the first parameter in this method is a column (property) name of UserInfo class, it can't be CurrentUser.FirstName because, I think, it has dynamic value

2) user.SetValue method with 2 parameters returns a boolean value which is a result of operation, you can't assign it to string property of textbox field FirstNameValue.Text and you can't compile this code.

3) CurrentUser = MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser, so there isn't any difference between them

The code should be like:

UserInfo user = UserInfoProvider.GetUserInfo(MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser.UserName);
if (user == null) return; //check if user exists, if not, maybe you need to create him

user.FirstName = value; // or user.SetValue("FirstName", value)
UserInfoProvider.SetUserInfo(user); // or user.Update() if you know that user exists

FirstNameValue.Text = value;

Please, read Kentico documentation and look at Kentico Api references and read about C# programming, because it may help you to save your time)

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Amit Srivastava answered on December 20, 2016 07:50

Thank you Anton.

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