UniSelector Filter Control?

Senior Software Engineer - Kentico Xperience MVP

Trevor Fayas asked on May 23, 2017 15:53

Hey community.

Anyone ever successfully implement a UniSelector's Custom Filter Control (UniSelector form control -> Advanced Settings -> Filter Control)

I've only had moderate success, i want to use uniselector but i want to have a custom filter that searches 2 fields vs. 1. I created a control that inherits the correct class, but i'm running into 2 issues

  1. The original filter is still there even if you define one, it just adds yours above, which i really don't want, the normal textbox filter only filters the display name, i want just my filter to set the proper where condition.
  2. For some reason you have to 'filter twice' in order for it to catch (call the SetFilter())

Below is my control, it has just a textbox (tbxValue) and a cms:LocalizedButton (btnFilter) to cause a postback for the ascx side of things.


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