Unipager with Wildcard URLs

Alistair DeJonge asked on September 21, 2016 17:44

I am filtering smart search results with Wildcard URLs and I am using the Unipager, but when a filter is applied and I go to another page in the results, it removes the filter.

How do I get the Unipager to work with wildcards?

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Alistair DeJonge answered on October 18, 2016 20:16

I had to change Paging Mode to "PostBack" and that fixed my problem.

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Trevor Fayas answered on September 22, 2016 15:12

Can you provide a little more detail?

By Filtering smart search results, are you talking about a separate Filter Web Part attached to a Smart Search?

For Wildcard URLS, what do you mean? Did you mean you are filtering the smart search with wildcard parameters, i don't get how you can filter with wildcard urls, or if it matters.

For the UniPager, just curious as to the reasoning using it vs. the built in pager that comes with the smart search results web part (can resolve a lot of issues).

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Alistair DeJonge answered on September 22, 2016 15:41 (last edited on December 10, 2019 02:30)

I AM using a Smart Search Filter, not a separate web part.

As you know, when you using Wildcard URLS, it will treat it like a query string and you can add a macro to the search results to handle that query string.

Maybe I am calling the pagination some thing incorrect, but I do mean the pagination that is built-in with search results.

Basically this is what I have:

I have two filters, one labeled as "region", one labeled as "market". In the page URL properties, I have Wildcards set up like this: /projects/{region}/{market}. On the Smart search results web part, in Search condition I have something like this:

+region:{% QueryString.region |(identity)GlobalAdministrator%}

(I have if statements in there to handle empty strings and such, but the above is the jist of it)

When a user navigates to www.mysite.com/projects/northamerica/hotels, it will automatically filter the results. However, if there are more than one page of results and I go to (let's say) page 2 of the results, it clears the filter. Sure it goes to page 2, but of unfiltered results.

Do you need any more info?

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