UniGrid Binding

Delford Chaffin asked on August 8, 2016 17:25

I have the following UniGrid on a module page:

<cms:UniGrid ID="ugResponses" runat="server">
        <ug:Column Source="UserID" Caption="User" Wrap="false"></ug:Column>

If I put this in the Page_Load:

ugResponses.DataSource = CMS.SiteProvider.UserInfoProvider.GetAllUsers();

... it loads the data to the grid as you would expect. If I put the exact same line in a button click handler, it does nothing. I even tried adding ugResponses.DataBind() in the click handler and still nothing.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?


Correct Answer

Delford Chaffin answered on August 8, 2016 17:31

Found the answer here:


In my click handler, I had to add ugResponses.ReloadData() in addition to ugResponses.DataBind().

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