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D Collins asked on February 24, 2014 15:28

Can someone PLEASE explain templates and inheritance? I have read all the documentation on them, it does make it any clearer.

No matter what I do I get * NO content, or * overly-nested, duplicate content, or * my content on a parent page wiped out.

Saving as new template then assigning the new template to my sub-page does not seem to do the trick. I don;t want to make every single page in my website an ad-hoc template - I'd have scads of duplicated content and web parts.

These options are neither mutually-exclusive nor self-explanatory (they do not do what they say they do, or worse, they do MORE). Template * Inherit from parent * All culture versions use the same page template * Each culture version uses its own page template

Inherit content * Use page template settings * Do not inherit any content * Inherit only master page * Select inherited levels

I am considering a giant steps-to-duplicate post here so you can see where it goes awry, but it would be huge.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on February 25, 2014 02:15


If you are familiar with the master page concept the visual inheritance is basically the same. The parent page template is the envelope for the nested page template and using those settings you can set whether the document inherits the content from parent page (or, the same settings are for a page template, so it will affect all documents using this template). In this pictures you can see how it goes deeper and deeper and everything is encapsulated by the parent template. So, you need to create appropriate template before changing the existing to avoid unwanted changes to other documents. It is good practice to decide first how many different sections of web sites you want to have so you will need to create separate templates and then you can go from there.

Best regards, Juraj Ondrus

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D Collins answered on February 25, 2014 08:23

Yes, I get how it's supposed to work, it's setting it up that way I'm struggling with. The options (radio buttons) are ambiguously labelled, as is the scope of their effect. Although I've tried every configuration, and I think I'm doing it right, I inevitably find my content is either duplicating, or missing altogether.

I realize my post is non-specific to the point of unanswerable. I've got to narrow down the steps I'm taking and document them so I can post them and ask specific questions.

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