Unable to add the custom shipping cost with shopping cart item total price in ecommerce

Prashant Verma asked on July 8, 2016 14:58

Hello , I m working with ecommerce shopping cart, I used the custom carrier to calculate the shipping cost and then add into Getprice() method. As I implemented the custom carrier using the ICarrierProvider it dosen't work with the checkout life cycle. I am assuimg that if I working custom ICarrierProvider it autoload the GetPrice() method but its not working can anyone suggest how I can add the shipping price to total price of shopping cart. Example : Prooduct Price = 25$ Shipping Cost = 10$ Total Price = 35$

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Trevor Fayas answered on July 12, 2016 15:11

That should be the method, did you put the proper attribute tags for your class so it catches it, and did you set your shipping to use this custom ICarrierProvider class?

[assembly: RegisterCustomClass("MyCustomShipping", typeof(MyCustomShippingProvider))]
public class MyCustomShippingProvider : ICarrierProvider

I have it set up the same way you do but i didn't run into a problem.

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