Troubles with images and css after migration to the new server

Vasyl Chepil asked on April 27, 2016 11:12

After migration to the new server (all files and db were backuped and restored on the new server) some pictures and css styles are not loaded and site looks ugly

After authorization in admin panel site looks good

I don't understand were is a problem

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 27, 2016 14:16

This could be many things. You'll want to first start by using the developer tools with your browser and find out what errors your page is showing. From there you can start to make fixes.

First issue I find is the server is not set to allow the proper MIME types. In this case, your fonts might not load, specifically the .eot and .woff2 fonts.

You'll want to check disk permissions to ensure the user running the application pool has at least read access to the website root directory.

Are you sure you copied all the files? There's a good chance some may have been missed or not copied properly.

Where are your design files (images, css, js, etc.) located? Do they have absolute URL paths referenced or are they relative?

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Chetan Sharma answered on April 27, 2016 17:07

Hi Vasyl,

As rightly said by Brenden, there could be multiple reasons. Would you mind sharing a screen shot of developer console to see what all errors are appearing there?

Thanks Chetan

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Vasyl Chepil answered on April 28, 2016 10:10

all files were copied, there are no absolute url.

IIS_IUSRS has full permisions to the foldder.

As a temporary fix we added permisions for Everyone and this fixed our problem.

But i still don't understand why IIS_IUSRS full permisions don't work

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