Trouble with Google Sitemap XML Sitemap Webpart

Cassandra Snyder asked on August 6, 2014 17:46

I'm having a strange issue with the Google Sitemap webpart. I followed the instructions for creating a dedicated sitemap document outlined here and it's working to some degree. We have four custom document types that we want to include in the allowed documents for the sitemap, however every time I try adding more than two of any of the four I get an error that looks like this: Image Text

If I remove just one of the custom document types (it doesn't matter which one it is) then the sitemap goes back to normal like this: Image Text

Is this a bug or something else? Is anyone else having trouble with this? We're on version 8.0.16 and we previously had the same sitemap setup in version 7 and it worked perfectly fine with all of our custom document types.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 8, 2014 14:51

What do the event logs state? Same error text? Have you turned on debugging on your site to see if you can capture the full error? What settings are you using for the webpart?

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Cassandra Snyder answered on August 18, 2014 16:33

I finally figured it out. There was something, not sure what, that the system didn't like about two of the custom doc types that I was sourcing. I rebuilt those doc types, added them to the webpart, and it behaved as expected.

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