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Tobania Kentico asked on November 14, 2016 15:05

We have used a human translation service and they provide us with the translated pages in XLF format, importing seems to work correctly, but now we notice that special characters( é è à, ...) aren't correctly converted in the content, since they are replaced by a ?-pictogram

Is this a setting or is this a known issue? And can this be resolved by a certain action?

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Trevor Fayas answered on November 14, 2016 23:44 (last edited on November 14, 2016 23:45)

Do you have a link that we could see? If you see a ? pictograph and it's still text, it may be whatever font you are using doesn't have a unicode glyph to match that character.

This lists the fonts and how many Unicodes they support, may want to experiment, that sounds like the issue.

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Martin Florian answered on November 16, 2016 13:16

Trevor is right, seeing the issue would help a lot. I think the problem could be that files you received from translation service are encoded in different format. Can you check the encoding and make sure it is UTF-8?

Thank you.

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