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swapnesh shikhare asked on February 2, 2017 15:04

I have added few cultures in my site so that i can see content of my site in different languages.I am using google translate service for translating text but it is showing me same text for all languages.When i saw event log i found error related to Google Translator i.e. "The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden." I have followed steps given in kentico 9 documentation (link- suggest solution.

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Trevor Fayas answered on February 2, 2017 15:14

Do you have any field chunks that are over 2000 characters long, possibly? it says it has a 2000 char limit per field, not sure if that's it.

Also what hotfix version are you on, may be related but may be not, 9.0.11 had a fix for pages:

When the 'Combine with default culture' setting was enabled, accessing a page in an untranslated culture resulted in an error, instead of displaying the default culture version of the page. The error only occurred after applying hotfix 9.0.10.

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