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Susanne Hou asked on January 12, 2016 10:53

Hello. I am working on a website where I have an online form. I'm using Kentico 8.2 free version.

What I would like is to have all messages submitted through the online form displayed on the website. I have dragged in a Repeater with Custom Queries web part, and created a query to retrieve the data i want displayed from the website. I have confirmed that the query works. I've also created the online form and tested that it works.

However, I have not worked with transformations before, and I can't seem to find one that is aimed at displaying online form messages. Is there one existing i could use, and if not, how do i create a new one? More specifically, what is the significance of the classname page type when I create a new one?

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My website is based on the Corporate Site website - so do I have to create the new transformation like the screenshot above? I've tried looking through the Kentico 8.2 documentation, but haven't found anything very helpful yet. If you have a link to a useful article in the documentation, that would be great too!

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David te Kloese answered on January 12, 2016 12:01


The Class Type (and selected value) is more the container / location where it will be saved.

If you select a page type you could let it generate a basic transformation based on its own fields. But you are free to use any fields you like. Remember thought that since the transformation is part of the page type for deploying it you'll need to deploy the whole page type. So you could also create a blanco container page type just for this transformation.

I'm not sure of there are any limitations in creating your own custom transformations the free version though..

For the transformation itself I suppose you could just use the following:

<%# Eval("FieldName",true) %>



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Laura Frese answered on January 12, 2016 20:02

You could create a transformation in the Root page type. It doesn't really matter. You could use any page type to hold your transformation.

If you create a new page type to hold the transformation you can select "The page type is only a container without custom fields". You just have to ensure that in the transformation the field names match up to your form fields. For example, if in your biz form you have the following fields: FirstName, LastName, Email, Comment - you would want to use those same names in your transformation as David suggested <%# Eval("FirstName",true) %>, etc

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