Tracking Smart Search Box request history

Bryan Johnson asked on April 23, 2020 17:34

Does Kentico 11 EMS store search queries made through Smart Search Box web parts? I'd like to analyze the searches made by visitors to my site.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on April 23, 2020 18:04

Hi Bryan,

If you have Kentico On-line Marketing enabled on your site you should be able to see these activities in Contact Management > Activity Log, in the Type filter select Internal search.

And there are also External search activities if you need them. These are logged if someone searched something in Google for example and landed on your website. You will see search request and search engine.

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Bryan Johnson answered on April 23, 2020 18:34

Thank you, Dmitry, for the quick reply. Although my admin UI page appears to be broken, I found the Activity data in my OM database with your suggestion. It looks like I have everything I need. - Bryan

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 24, 2020 05:41

Just for the records - you can also use the report available for web analytics, called "On-site search keywords" - Displays the total number of searches that were performed using the website's local search functionality and the keywords that were entered. So you do not need the contact tracking e.g. if you are running lower license edition.

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