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Dennis Hulsmans asked on May 9, 2016 17:31

Files are stored in file system (not database)

example of the issue in the form tab of a page:

Image Text

The request: .. cms/getattachment/70a4fae3-d2bb-4dd9-bdd4-ec6bc283a033/fixscreen.jpg?versionhistoryid=1673&chset=a2b9bb01-7984-4e5f-991f-0bd61f49da07&width=300&height=145

If I delete everything behind fixscreen.jpg (bold part) the image is rendered fine.

Any thoughts?

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Dennis Hulsmans answered on May 11, 2016 13:58


I've discovered the issue I was having with the attachments coupled to a page (in the form tab). These files are stored under CMS\App_Data\VersionHistory\Attachments\SITENAME.

So when you do an entirely new deploy, keep in this folder in mind too !

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Rui Wang answered on May 9, 2016 18:17

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Tobania Kentico answered on May 10, 2016 14:55


I'm using K9 and my web.config settings are correct according to this link: K9 documentation extensionless urls

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