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Kentico User asked on February 21, 2017 20:55


After uploading mp3 files using the "insert image or media" pop up on the text editor and selecting a mp3 file to add on the page, we get an error message "This plugin is not supported" on chrome. Any way that kentico can add an audio tag?

Also when avideo file is added on the page can it add a video tag?

Thank you

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Trevor Fayas answered on February 21, 2017 21:08

That item is going to be a purely HTML issue, and browser support for various HTML 5 audio and video differs slightly.

Using the static text web part, or static html widget you can insert pure html and put whatever you want. So it's not really a Kentico support issue. (down to the Browser Compatability section)

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Kentico User answered on February 23, 2017 21:54

I am afraid I do not think this is correct. What I am thinking is if kentico renders an html tag (audio/video) then we won't run into this issue. Right now kentico renders an object tag

<object codetype="CMSInlineControl" height="45" style="display: none" type="media" width="300"><param name="ext" value=".mp3" /><param name="url" value="~/getattachment/Sharing-Private/Audio-Video-for-M2E/Dry-Cleaner-Tragic.mp3.aspx?lang=en-US" /></object>

Why not render an audio tag? This way we will not have to train any front end clients to enter their own audio tag.

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