The problem with bootstrap grid model in kentico cms

surakshith reddy asked on May 4, 2021 08:29

I have used the bootstrap grid model to bind some widget content in the view. in my live site, I am not getting any issues with bootstrap or not getting any issues. But In the Kentico admin view, some markup is adding to view the content for admin view purposes. So basically because of that extra markup, I am facing a UI alignment My bootstrap styling is applying to those classes also. So how could I prevent this issue? Please suggest. Because the bootstrap grid model divides their width based on the children elements count.

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 4, 2021 15:33

While in the Kentico Xperience UI making edits, you may have to define specific classes to get those elements to look like you'd expect. While in the Kentico UI, right-click on one of the Xperience page builder icons/components and get the css class name from it. In your stylesheet, override that class by prefixing it with something in your design like body main.main .ktc-section and create your styles for it in your stylesheet.

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