Tag Selector Greyed Out

Michael Legacy asked on April 3, 2019 21:55

So, dumb question time. I've followed this documentation here:


The tags field that is setup displays on the Node/Item creation page just fine, but it's greyed out and I cannot add any tags by either typing or hitting "Select". I do have a tag group created for the site in question as well. Is there something I'm missing on the page type or something? I've literally scoured the back office trying to find something that I've missed and can't seem to see any issues. Hopefully this is just a quick fix and me being dumb.

I'm using Kentico 12 and MVC. The page type is content-only.

Correct Answer

Michael Legacy answered on April 3, 2019 22:06

So for future reference (if anyone else runs into this) you have to either select a tag group on the page in question (in the properties -> metadata section), or set a global tag group on the root site node, and all nodes underneath it will inherit from the root by default.

Easy fix, as I figured it would be.

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