Tag Group Not Working

Delford Chaffin asked on June 12, 2014 11:29

If I follow this example:


Under step 7, it says, "(Optional) Restrict the tag group that users can choose from using the Tag group ID field."

I can add existing tags from a tag group and free style other tags, but it will not assign the DocumentTagGroupID on the document. Is this intentional for some reason or a bug?

The only way I can get the DocumentTagGroupID set in the db is to set tags under Properties > Metadata.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 12, 2014 13:59

The tag group is the key with this. Typically the tag group is set for a node or group of pages. For instance a blog. At that top level, set the tag group for that one top level page and it will be inherited on the child pages. Then in the webpart ensure you select that tag group and things will start displaying for you. Out of the box, I think the "Content" tag group is the only one available. Create as many or as few as you'd like but make your own unique one.

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