Synchronizing Media Files on Azure storage when using Content Staging

Ben Clough asked on January 16, 2019 02:30


In my Kentico 12 MVC setup, I use Azure storage for storing media files. As recommended, I've setup different storage containers for each environment (dev, test, live), so that deletions and changes in one environment, don't affect the others.

I'd also like to use content staging between my instances, so I turned on permanent links.

The problem I have is, that the media library files don't seem to get pushed/copied to the target server, even if the documentation claims, that media library files and folders can be synchronized. Is that not the case when using Azure Storage?

The media files do not show up in the storage container of the target site and the permanent links still seem to reference the previous container.

Do I miss something or is that this the normal behaviour? What's the recommended way to sync media library files between different containers when using content staging?

Thank you

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Ron Truex answered on January 16, 2019 06:44

Please apologize if this seems basic. Have you tried to manually sync the whole Library, or checked the staging task list? By default staging does not run automatically, if I remember right.

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Ben Clough answered on January 16, 2019 17:56 (last edited on January 16, 2019 17:57)

Thanks Ron. I don't know what happened, but I just tried to reproduce the problem this morning and it's not happening anymore. I must have forgotten something yesterday. My guess is, that I hadn't updated the storage container name in my target environment yesterday.

It's working now.

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