Sync existing Form files and Attachments to Azure

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Trevor Fayas asked on March 23, 2017 02:53

I'm tinkering around with Azure blob storage. I have no problem turning on blob storage and any new media file / system file (page attachment/form file) are going up just fine, but it didn't put existing form files / media files / page attachments there.

My processes was to first store files in the File system, delete them from the database, then i added the azure keys and code and such.

Is there a way to sync the stuff pre-azure settings? I"m testing out because we have some sites that are taking up too much hard drive space and we are trying to offload some of that to azure.

My test is on a Kentico 8.2 site, although if this is a fixed issue in later versions then i'll just have to note the old sites need to upgrade. Hotfix is version 0 as it's my custom development/tinkering instance.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 23, 2017 03:10

I will note that I am able to confirm that if i manually upload the file into azure and it has the correct path as the name, it works (if i upload the file 07251437-f314-4adf-b4ef-09a91bc4155e.txt that is in the blanksite/files/07 folder, and name it "blanksite/files/07/07251437-f314-4adf-b4ef-09a91bc4155e.txt" in azure, i can delete it from local and the permalink will find the file on azure).

It's a work around but hopefully someone knows an easier way, otherwise i'll have to create a migration script (which won't be too terrible, just scanning files of the site folder / media folder and uploading to azure)

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