substitute for ActivityEventBooking in Kentico 10

Srikanth Sharma asked on September 7, 2017 20:31


We're currently migrating to Kentico 10 and have the below code is obsolete in 10. Please suggest alternative for the same.

Activity activity = new ActivityEventBooking(EventNode, EventNode.GetDocumentName(), eai, CMS.WebAnalytics.AnalyticsContext.ActivityEnvironmentVariables); activity.Log();

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 8, 2017 02:39 (last edited on September 8, 2017 03:21)

Looks like it's obsolete and you need to inherit from a different class.

Inherit from CustomActivityInitializerBase class or implement IActivityInitializer interface for creating custom activity

Means you need to create your own custom activity to track.

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