Subscribe an object for integration bus when specific fields updated

Shing Cheng asked on August 27, 2014 05:24


I am using Kentico 8 and trying to use the integration bus for sync user info (UserName, Name and Email) to an external website.

I followed the document on web and created an outbound connector which is able to subscribe the user object to the queue for sync. However, I found that no matter what field is updated in the user object, such as LastLogon or Password, the object will also be placed in the queue. It created a long queue and which is not necessary to do the sync. I just want to sync UserName, Name and Email when it is changed.

I do a search here and found the following thread which is asking the similar question

I want to know that does this question be solved in Kentico 8? If yes, can you give me some hints or a link so that I can follow to solve my problem.


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Sandro Jankovic answered on December 2, 2014 13:46


You may be able be able to follow the approach outlined in the documentation to filter out some of the tasks but if you are concerned about performance have you considered using something more lightweight like REST or integrating your application or using the API outside of Kentico?

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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