Styling the CMS Calendar Web Part

Mike Bilz asked on November 21, 2016 22:32

Is there any way to alter the CMS Calendar Web Part so that classes can are automatically applied to the current month, and today's date?

Current Calendar

The default version of the calendar is a little hard to read, and doesn't seem to have any classes at all applied to its content.

Ideal Calendar

I would like to set my calendar up more like this, so that there is a clear distinction in styling between the current month and the previous/next month. I would also really like to be able to highlight the current date with special "Today" styling.

Can this be done? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 22, 2016 05:09

You can create a skin for that control and style it as you normally would but it would be in the .skin file. I've done this and it works pretty slick and only have to do it once and it styles all the calendars you have on your site.

Reference Microsoft Calendar styles

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Zach Perry answered on November 21, 2016 22:50 (last edited on November 21, 2016 22:55)

You might have to do some logic in the transformation. You can get the day using <%#Eval("__day")%>

I have always found using the default calendar kind of limiting. I found using FullCalendar a little easier. Just have to create an ajax call to get the events you want to display.

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Mike Bilz answered on November 23, 2016 01:31

Thanks Brenden, that seems like the thing to do.

One last question, where would I put the .skin file after I've made it? Is there any Kentico documentation on adding a skin?

Thanks in advance.

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