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Siavash Mortazavi asked on August 19, 2015 18:05


It is a good practice to store virtual objects on file system during the development phase, to make it easier to open and edit them in Visual Studio?

The source of my confusion is Kentico's Virtual Objects admin page says Select the virtual objects that you wish to store in the file system. You can then edit the code in external editors or use external source control, which is what I would like to do, but also it says Click "Store all virtual objects in file system" to prepare the website for deployment, but I don't want to use this feature for deployment, it is for development.

Thank you very much, Sia

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 19, 2015 18:20

You can easily edit them in Kentico without using that option. In most cases, the edits you will be making will be pretty simple and easy so IMHO it's not worth the effort if your a small team of a few developers and comfortable without having Intellisense.

Really, the only time I use these features is when I'm doing upgrades.

Regarding your confusion, if you simply click the "Store all virtual objects in file system" button, it will place all virtual objects in the file system. If you make changes in the file system, you will want to sync those changes back to the database. Check out the documentation for more descriptions.

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Siavash Mortazavi answered on August 19, 2015 21:02

Thank you, Branden. Actually intellisense and the whole experience of working with code in Visual Studio is a huge difference for me.

Cheers, Sia

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 20, 2015 00:25 (last edited on August 20, 2015 00:25)

In all actuality, it isn't really that bad. You can get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

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