Static HTML web part problem

Yang Wen asked on May 3, 2015 00:02

The Static HTML webpart strips out HTML markup... The initial save seems to preserve it content. Subsequent opening of the web part properties will show the content minus the HTML markup.. arghh..

Is there a better way of entering html into a web part zone?

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 3, 2015 19:55

Most any markup entered into the WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor) will be formatted to the defaults of the editor. You will have to check out the editor properties itself to make the changes you would like.

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Jan Hermann answered on May 4, 2015 14:08


you are probably looking for the Static text web part. You can put the HTML markup to this web part directly and no WYSIWYG editor processes it anymore, so please use the Static text web part instead.

Best regards,
Jan Hermann

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