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Adam Řezníček asked on February 25, 2015 22:06

Hi Kentico developers,

I have some problems and need help...

current situation: My website has a landing page (fully static content) but now, I want to (have to) add some web part, which allows me create simple DB query by product ID (this product is in eshop) and get price for example.

I know that I can use repeater, which gets list of products and specific transformation for product template... However, is there any way for do this simply?


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Petar Kozjak answered on February 25, 2015 23:58


repeater is the right way. What you can do is create a widget with predefined values. This could make life easier for editors. Widgets are simple version of web parts where you can predefine for example repeater for products and leave WHERE value empty so even better predefine everything and leave PATH to be populated in Widget so editor will add a Widget and select a product.

Hope this helps.

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