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David Pearson asked on February 9, 2016 21:26

I set up a little test environment with Kentico 8.1 here on my PC. and set up IIS. Both sites are up and running good. I set up staging according to the documents. I get the following error: Synchronization client error: Exception occurred: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

Not sure were to go, wondering if this could be a IIS file permissions thing? or Maybe something else?

Here is My set up below. Staging/Servers QA site I am using User name /password for Authentication. The Check server availability is good. Server is enabled Testing server sitename is Mysite-qa, adn the Code name is Mysite-qa.

Sys/dev site Using same name/password, Availability is good. The sitename is Mysite-sys, and the code name is Mysite-sys.

Settings/..../Staging QA site: Client check boxes all except Log staging changes Staging Service: Enabled staging service check, User name and password same as above.

Sys/Dev site is the same as above.

Web config:

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Bryan Soltis answered on February 9, 2016 21:47

Hi David,

What is the value that you have in your Staging / Servers on your "source" server? You would have entered the URL of your "target" server in the Serer service URL. The format should be: as the text in the box

If you have the correct value there, you can try hitting the service directly to see if it resolves. The URL would be and you should be SyncServer details page.

  • Bryan
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David Pearson answered on February 9, 2016 22:03

Thanks Bryan, I forgot the http:// in the text box... urrr... Just did a successful syn with a page.

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Bryan Soltis answered on February 9, 2016 22:09

I thought that might be it. I've done that exact thing about 1,000 times and never seem to remember the format. Glad you got it figured out!

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