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Larry Wildey asked on February 1, 2019 08:20

We now have two sites running on our instance of Kentico 11. The newest site runs fine locally. We have Continuous Integration setup and it was copied up to our development server. It runs fine here as well. Once we were done testing the initial pages we attempted to use staging the setup the site in our test environment. It fails to stage into the test environment with the error: "Synchronization client error: Exception occurred: The request failed with an empty response." We have also tried exporting and importing the website. This did not work either. At this point we have a site in both environments but no pages under the test environment and no way to get them there. I am not sure if the staging or import created the site because we have tried both a few times.

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Eric Dugre answered on February 5, 2019 14:01

A quick search on the web for this error message indicates that it might be an issue with the protocol you're using to connect to the target server (HTTP or HTTPS). If you modify the server in the Staging application and check the URL, does it contain the correct protocol to connect to the target server?

Is there any hardware/software between the two servers that could be interfering with the request, such as anti-virus, load-balancing, firewall, etc.?

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