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Alex Koshel asked on August 3, 2021 15:56

Hello. Im install Kentico 11 on vitual machine Azure(Windows server 2016). Created a local database on this machine and am using Windows Authentication. take from Visual Studio. when i want to open the site i get an error like this

The application could not connect to the database, please check the connection string in the web.config file and SQL server availability.

Original error: Login failed for user 'DEV\servarName$'.

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Sean Wright answered on August 14, 2021 19:22


This sounds like a local VM configuration issue, not a Kentico one.

Any time we encounter SQL Server connection issues it's either because:

  1. Network connection issues
  2. SQL Server Windows service is offline
  3. SQL Server login doesn't exist even though the database user does
  4. SQL Server doesn't actually have a Kentico database
  5. SQL Server login password is incorrect
  6. Windows user doesn't have permissions to login to the database/server

Can you login to SSMS with the user you are attempting to use Windows authentication with? Does this user have access to the Kentico database?

Try creating a non-Kentico ASP.NET application and use the same Windows auth connection string to the same Kentico database and try to run a SQL query against it. If this doesn't work, then the problem is definitely on the SQL/auth side and not Kentico.

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