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Ei Dar Li Ko Ko asked on June 8, 2015 12:07

Hi I been using the kentico 8 and i have upgraded it to 8.1 but due to the errors, I wanted to downgrade back to Kentico 8 and try again. I have already pasted all the folders but the site is showing the System Error with sql connection failed. I have checked the web.config but the connection string is correct. Please do help. Thanks. The error is stated below

The application could not connect to the database, please check the connection string in the web.config file and SQL server availability.

Original error:For more details add the following key into the

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 8, 2015 13:23

Try restarting IIS. The connection could be cached. Also ensure IIS is pointing to the correct directory.

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Jason D answered on April 18, 2016 22:24

I've got this same message and I've restarted IIS, double checked connection string, etc. It's working on my local machine using the same database (shared sql db on network vm).

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