Special characters problem in Kentico 11

Magnus Söderström asked on November 7, 2018 11:43


I have a swedish website and I have problems with the special characters in the swedish language ('å', 'ä', 'ö'). For instance I have a custom webpart on a page that gets all the child nodes ordered by "DocumentName". So far so good, but the character 'å' comes right after 'a', not after 'z' which it should.

Same problem with the order by property in repeaters, 'å' is interpreted as 'a' etc.

It doesn't seem to be a culture problem, more of a language problem. The site culture is Swedish. Is there a way to solve this?

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Rui Wang answered on November 7, 2018 17:52

You may have to do some custom sorting for this. Here is how someone else did it for .NET in general https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7229445/orderby-with-swedish-letters

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