Smart Search resutls with NO content

Shmar Hill asked on December 13, 2014 21:52


When using smart search PAGES CRAWLER, smart search indexs "Directly indexes the HTML output of pages.".

So you would think that when you use the following default transformation

<%#SearchHighlight(HTMLHelper.HTMLEncode(TextHelper.LimitLength(HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(HTMLHelper.StripTags(CMS.ExtendedControls.ControlsHelper.RemoveDynamicControls(GetSearchedContent(DataHelper.GetNotEmpty(Eval("Content"), ""))), false, " ")), 280, "...")), "<span style='background-color: #FEFF8F'>", "</span>")%>

you would see something in the CONTENT.

Turns out that this is true ONLY if there is actual content stored on the page node the is a page rendered as a site page.

IF the page has no actual content and only holds a repeater showing content from pages underneath, the smart search will search this content but will not be able to display it as CONTENT.


  • About (template with repeater. page has no actual content stored on it)
    • about description
    • about more info
    • company profile
    • etc.

Smart search pages crawler will index content the renders on "/About" page and will find it when searched, but you can NOT show CONTENT from the search result.

Anyone solve this issue?


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