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Aaron Watson asked on January 18, 2022 07:08

v11.0.49 Portal Engine

I am looking to see if its possible to create any kind of URL string that will allow me to include in an email campaign to show the filtered items on the page?

I am using s 'smart search results' repeater on the page and we have filter for brand, category, gender etc. Previously we used a basic repeater, which allowed us to pass the relevant element of the string into the url, i.e. mydomain/clothing?=women JCPenney Kiosk Associates

Now using the smart search results, the filters don't require the URL strings, but naturally on the page you can make the selections to filter the content as required, so wondering if there is a way this can be achieved with smart results?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on January 18, 2022 08:21

I would recommend using data source + filter + listing web part to achieve this. Smart search was not built for this and searching is always bit non-deterministic. You need to keep in mind whether you want to filter the data or you are searching the data for something. Although it may look the same from the design point of view, there is a difference how it works in the backend, what code and logic is executed.
Or, if you want to stick with smart search, enable the query strings for filters - do not use the postback method for filters.

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