Smart Search posting using __doPostback paging issue

Tracey Penberthy asked on July 20, 2017 16:33


I have a web part with a smart search dialog, some filters and a results web parts on, the results have paging enabled.

These are all contained in an update panel.

There is a requirement to have two Search buttons on the page.

So I thought I could call the search when you click the second button in javascript via __doPostBack(updatePanelID);

This works but with the results when I click a paging link the filters are all reset (I guess because the filter values are not set in the url (e.g. category=policies).

How can I set the filter values in the url when calling the search action from javascript?

Or is there a better method for having 2 submit buttons on the page (one is next to the search text input, the second has to go under all the filters)

Many Thanks Tracey

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 20, 2017 18:32

Using javascript you could set the dummy button to trigger a click event on the main button and stop the dummy button from following through with the full click. Might look something like this:

    // or i've had better luck with this
    // $("#mainButton").trigger('click');
    return false;
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Tracey Penberthy answered on July 20, 2017 19:00

Thanks Brenden

That worked a treat! (I used the trigger method)

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