Smart Search Indexes and Media Library not syncing on MVC site

Anna Pengal asked on October 15, 2020 17:58

I just tried to post this question, but it looks like it's redirecting somewhere else. Sorry for the duplicate!

We have a Kentico MVC site that was added to an existing Kentico instance via the site import feature, but the media libraries and the smart search indexes are not syncing as expected through the web farm. No smart search results show on the live site, but the search index preview has the correct data showing.

  • The license is rated for 2 web farm servers which is how many we have
  • Webfarms settings are configured to be automatic and set to sync smart search and media files
  • Both web farm servers show a status of "Healthy"
  • There are no hanging tasks for either of the web farm servers
  • The debug web farm logs are turned on and set to output a file, but that file is not showing up anywhere in the folder structure
  • Permissions on the folder structure are set to allow write access
  • Smart search index has been rebuilt
  • The search index preview shows the expected results
  • The AdminSiteCMS/CMSModules/SmartSearch folder is empty (as is the media library)
  • The CMS admin site has "CMSExternalStorageName" set to "amazon" in the web config as it is on AWS
  • Files on the MVC site are currently set to store on the database only, but previously they were set for both database and file system with no difference.

We can't figure out where else the issue might be. I'm happy to try any of the steps again if needed to double check anything.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on October 15, 2020 18:23

Hi Anna,

Thank you for the detailed question, but from what I've read I'm confused - are you using external storage or not? If you are, how and what storage paths are mapped?

Also, regarding media files, I think this is a separate question, but when you exported and imported media files, did you check "Export physical files" checkbox in export wizard and likewise "Import physical files" in import wizard? Note, these are not checked by default if you were using just default settings. That's why you probably are getting empty images.

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Anna Pengal answered on October 15, 2020 18:58

On our dev server we were not using external storage, but the staging server we have moved the site to is using amazon as the external storage provider.

The existing Kentico site that we imported the new site into is configured to use Amazon via the settings here:

The existing site that we are importing into does not look like it has any storage paths mapped via custom modules using the code in the link you provided. Maybe that's where the problem is?

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Anna Pengal answered on October 21, 2020 16:12

I found this question which seems like it references a similar problem to ours:

I can't find what "exclude the files from the deployment when deploying to Amazon" means. I've tried to look it up in the documentation, but nothing comes up. Is there a guide for this somewhere?

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