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pankaj saxean asked on September 27, 2022 12:26

Hi Team,

Need to know couples of point related the Smart Search.

  1. Which index type is good a) Custom Index b) Pages c) Pages crawler

  2. Is Pages crawler is good option in live site if we provided to search functionality in a site to public users.

  3. For Pages crawler based smart search index the return result not show the matched content in the content section, so how to customize the pages crawler to show the matched text on the content seciton.

  4. How we combined Pages and Pages crawler both.

Correct Answer

Juraj Ondrus answered on September 27, 2022 13:03

  1. a) Custom index - you define what type of content you want to index, the entire configuration is done programatically through using Kentico API

    b) Pages - indexes content of pages in the content tree inside the Pages application

    c) Pages crawler - indexes the entire HTML output of pages

It is up to you to decide which kind of a Smart search index fits your needs.

  1. Yes, you can configure a Pages crawler index for a public user as well.

  2. As mentioned, a Pages crawler indexes the entire HTML output of a page so results may be different in comparison to a standard Pages index. If you want you can use multiple indexes which would be used for a search on your site. An example of building a search interface can be found in documentation - Building a search interface for local indexes in MVC.

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