Smart Search Filter in ASP.NET Core MVC

Paul Truman asked on February 25, 2021 18:32

I'm looking to apply a smart search filter to an ASP.NET Core website. I've looked at the Dancing Goat example as inspiration and got my search results working fine, but I can't seem to find any guidance or information on how to apply a smart search filter to a Core website.

Can anybody give me some guidance / link to some example if they have them on how to achieve it please? I'm just looking to filter by document page type.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on February 26, 2021 11:09

Hi Paul,

You can do it something like this:

var condition = SearchSyntaxHelper.CombineSearchCondition("search query",
    new SearchCondition
        DocumentCondition = new DocumentSearchCondition
            { ClassNames = "custom.pagetype.classname", Culture = "en-US" }

var parameters = new SearchParameters
    SearchFor = condition,
    Path = $"{searchRootAliasPath}%",
    CombineWithDefaultCulture = false,
    CheckPermissions = false,
    SearchInAttachments = false,
    User = MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser,
    SearchIndexes = Constants.SearchIndexes.SearchIndex,
    StartingPosition = skip,
    NumberOfProcessedResults = ((Int64)skip + (Int64)take) >= (Int64)Int32.MaxValue ? Int32.MaxValue : skip + take,
    DisplayResults = take,
    SearchSort = searchSort

var searchResults = SearchHelper.Search(parameters);
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Paul Truman answered on February 26, 2021 18:19

That worked great, many thanks :)

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