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Monjoie Dominique asked on March 7, 2016 12:02


Since the uprgade 7.0.103 -> 8.2.44 (I think), I discover sometimes something wich doesn't work well.

My two main problems are that Smart Search Boxes are not more visible on mobiles & tablets (on PC, it's right). I don't know what to do ... My second problem concerns the security. I wished to change something in a transformation and I got a message asking me to remove a signature and save it another time (see file please : I don't really understant what does it mean because I have the Global Admin rights.

A third little thing is about the Mail field in the forms. I wonder if this field is well finished because when I used it in a form, the following field receives a carriage return so I'm obliged to put this field at the end of my DIV and make a clear div after.

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 7, 2016 16:27

1). Search boxes not visible on mobile and tablets. This is a CSS issue. Most likely Kentico removed some of the harcoded css classes or renamed them. I'd debug your CSS and see what you find.

2). After every upgrade (major or minor) you need to resign the macros. Check the documentation for how to do this.

3). I'm willing to bet this is a similar formatting issue as #1. Debug your css and see what has changed. From v7 to v8.x styling and overall layout of the OOTB controls has changed considerably for the better.

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Monjoie Dominique answered on March 9, 2016 09:59

Hello Mister,

I try to apply the signature procedure but apparently, it stays blocked during the 'Forum post' objects process.

My only alternative is to cancel but I think all the previous updates are also cancelled.

What can I do ?


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