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Eric Terkpertey asked on November 5, 2016 07:38

I need an urgent help on how to add slideshow to my kentico 9. I tried using cameraslider webpart but I realised it is not compatible with the version 9 of kentico. I really need help and I will be grateful to get one.

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Laura Frese answered on November 7, 2016 03:46

If you want to use the camera slider functionality take a look at the camera slider javascript documentation Im not sure what you will need this for, but often when creating hero carousels I will use a slider like Camera Slider or Owl Carousel for the responsive sliding functionality. I will create an example based off my design in static html then I integrate it into Kentico by creating a custom page type that will contain all the fields that I will need to use (Title, SubTitle, Image, LinkText, Link). Then I will create the transformation for the page type that holds the HTML structure for the images/text. After that, add new pages of that page type into your content tree, ideally under the page that will have the hero slider on it. Then drop a repeater on the page that will have the hero, and point the path to where the hero carousel pages are, and to that page type, and to the transformation you created.

Doing it this way is more work, but you have more control over things too.

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