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Romina Herrera asked on September 4, 2019 18:34

(I’m on version v11.0.29.) I’m using the Sitemap webpart, but I find that it is also loading pages that have been archived. It would be a great hassle to manually choose each of these pages to “not appear in sitemap”.

The sitemap has been configured to “select only published” items. Where else can I specify to exclude pages that are archived?

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 4, 2019 18:55

Are you testing this when you are logged out of the system in a private window? This usually causes the problem when you're viewing the page while logged in.

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Romina Herrera answered on September 4, 2019 20:31

Hi Brenden, I think you are correct. Those pages don't show up in the production environment. Thank you.

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