site no showing in kentico 8

harshal bundelkhandi asked on July 8, 2014 06:57

Hello Support, I have imported kentico version 8 website. website is imported successfully.but not showing in site. in event log showing following error.

Security check of the expression 'Rule("!CurrentUser.CheckPrivilegeLevel(UserPrivilegeLevelEnum.GlobalAdmin);", "does not have!0select operationtext0GlobalAdminGlobalAdmin0select leveltext1")|(user)administrator|(hash)148aab3c556eafe9362f7533162c73fa4615a3eedf16aaf2f35f21d926d526ca' didn't pass. The expression was signed by user 'administrator'. Remove the signature and re-save the expression by a user with proper permissions.

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 8, 2014 09:30

You will need to resign your macros. The documentation for upgrading from v7 to v8 states this. Take a look here about 2/3rds te way down the page in the section titled Macros.

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