Single Sign On no longer working on Kentico 10

Quang Lai asked on March 6, 2018 18:10

Two applications, one on Kentico 10 (App A), the other is custom app (App B). The SSO used to work when we were on Kentico 9. Both sites are using the same forms auth cookie (the name/domain/path is fine). Before upgrade to 10, people would log into App B, and then be able to go to the Kentico App with no problems (single sign on works). After upgrade, users are now getting Kentico login screen when linked over.

We are also using ApplicationEvents.SessionStart.Execute to handle custom session synchronization, and it looks like RequestContext.UserName is now empty or null, instead of being properly populated. We've tried reading the auth cookie but it's also coming in as empty.

Anyone with any ideas as to what's changed in 10?

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Quang Lai answered on March 6, 2018 21:56

Solved: The upgrade to 10 pushed the project to .Net 4.5, but the other app was still .net 4.0, and so we just needed to add in the <system.web> and everything started working again.

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