Single page checkout with aspx+portal template

balinder singh asked on October 2, 2014 20:15

I want to build single page checkout with aspx+portal approach . Is that possible with this mixed approach in Kentico 8.1? I have created a checkout wizard page type document under a Page then add one checkout step page type. It shows previous next button. But as soon as I assign my aspx+portal template to the page and then add previous/next wizard button then it doesn't show the buttons

The main issue is: I have built a single page checkout with the help of Ecommerce sample site using Portal templates comes with Sample site. But when I tried building it on aspx+portal it loses next/previous button.

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lawrence whittemore answered on October 2, 2014 21:34

Running into the same thing. if I figure it out I'll post what I did.

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Josef Dvorak answered on November 20, 2014 16:24


The new checkout process model is so far only compatible with Portal template development model. For other development models including ASPX + Portal you have to use the Checkout Process web part, even though it is currently marked as Obsolete.

It is possible to customize the checkout steps of this web part and merge them into a single step, but such customization is much harder than with the new Document Wizard Checkout. Some of the controls used in the old checkout may need a lot of customization to allow single-page checkout.

If you decide to go this way you will need to turn on the checkout settings related to this web part using this SQL script:

UPDATE dbo.CMS_SettingsKey
SET KeyIsHidden = 0
WHERE KeyName IN ('CMSStoreAllowAnonymousCustomers', 'CMSStoreUseExtraCompanyAddress', 'CMSStoreRequireCompanyInfo', 'CMSStoreShowOrganizationID', 'CMSStoreShowTaxRegistrationID') AND (SiteID = @SiteID OR SiteID IS NULL)
UPDATE dbo.CMS_UIElement
SET ElementVisibilityCondition = NULL
WHERE ElementName = 'Configuration.Settings.CheckoutProcess' OR ElementName = 'Tools.Ecommerce.ChackoutSettings'

Afterwards the checkout settings will appear in Store configuration.

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