Show the text after submitting the kentico 12 form according to the culture.

Yashdeep Patidar asked on June 17, 2020 17:58

Hi, I am using a Kentico 12SP form. I am displaying the form for two cultures(en-US and es-ES). I am making use of localization resource string in form to display the labels in the form in different cultures and all the labels are coming on the UI perfectly as per the user selected culture. After user submits the form I am displaying a text using the form settings and that text also I am using from localization string.

But when user submits the form, the form submitted text is always coming in the en-US culture from the localization irrespective of the culture selected by user to open the form.

For Example, if user selects the es-ES culture to open the form and all the labels in the form were displayed as per the es-ES culture when form opens, but after submitting the form the submitted text is coming in en-US culture but the text displayed when the form is submitted should be displayed as per the es-ES culture.

I am using Kentico 12SP version to create the form and my live site is built using MVC development model.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on June 18, 2020 09:45

What is the exact version and hotfix you are using? A similar bug was fixed in hotfix no.62:
Localization - Incorrect localization of form properties on MVC sites
Localizing a form's 'After the form is submitted' or 'Submit button' text using resource strings (on the 'General' tab of the form's editing interface) did not work correctly for forms displayed on MVC sites using the 'Form' widget. The live site always displayed the English version of the text instead of using the current page's culture.

To fix this issue, please download and apply the latest hotfix. Follow the instructions and do not forget to update the NuGet packages in the MVC project too.

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