Show one item in Kentico shopping cart

Dcode warner asked on April 13, 2017 21:02

How can I define how many products I can display on any page front end?

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Trevor Fayas answered on April 19, 2017 00:42

If you are using a Repeater to show products, you can use the "TopN" property to limit the number of items shown.

For a shopping cart, i am not sure i follow you, why would you only want to show 1 item in the shopping cart?

Theoretically if you needed to, you can also use a Repeater with Custom Query to look up the current user's cart and grab 1 item out of it, or use Kentico's macro engine which has through the EcommerceContext the current user's cart and it's content that you can then reference an "ApplyTransformation" to.

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