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bert limerkens asked on September 2, 2016 13:36

Hey guys,

I have an external database with user data. I want to keep this data outside Kentico, but i want to offer the user the possibility to edit this data in my kentico website. I wrote an API to access / edit this data.

My question now is what is the best practice to present this data and make it possible to edit for my users? Should I make a javascript file with calls to my api in a form? Should I create a custom web part?

Can someone point me in the right direction?



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Virgil Carroll answered on September 2, 2016 16:35


Where there are a lot of different development options, I would recommend looking at developing a custom web part. I will briefly explain why.

A custom web part gives you the flexibility for configuration settings right inside its properties so even if you have an all client-side access, you could have your content owners add the web parts themselves and set configuration info (like what data you are connecting to, editing, etc) inside more of a 'point-n-click' interface vs anything more complex. The web part will also give you the flexibility of adding your interface onto multiple pages easily and effectively. Lastly if you ever decide to do something more elaborate, you can re-use your custom web part and expand it into a full-fledged module...if say you decide you want to directly connect your data sources or add more advanced management / configuration options from Kentico itself to control your API layer.

We do this a lot when we are bringing in outside data just because it gives you a lot more flexibility down the road.

My two cents.

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