Show Alternative Form for Page Type Based On Scope

Landon Hulcy asked on November 20, 2019 19:39

How would I go about showing an alternative form for a page type based on the scope? I need to show separate forms based on the parent node type.

Has anyone done this before? I can't find documentation on how to accomplish this.


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Peter Mogilnitski answered on November 20, 2019 22:55

Why don't you show/hide fields in the same form based on parent node type? You can set visibility condition for field you need: EditedObject.Parent.ClassName == "parentclassname"

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Landon Hulcy answered on November 20, 2019 23:14

Because I just started working in Kentico two weeks ago and did not know about this option. :)

Thanks for the help!

This is exactly the functionality I wanted.

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