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mojtaba kavand asked on June 22, 2014 23:05

I couldn't find any document in Kentico 8 documentation related to Shopping Cart Item Selector and this is not a first time that I cannot find respective Kentico documentation in the new help system...

but when I Google or try old documentation system the article comes out like this :

Do I wrong or the new documentation has a problem ? if it is true, please bring back the old system on the track ,this is really hard when you develop on a platform and cannot rely on its documentations.

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Filip Ligač answered on June 23, 2014 00:45 (last edited on June 23, 2014 00:46)

Hello Mojtaba,

The article you linked is valid only for Kentico version 6, that is why you could not find it indexed in the documentation section for Kentico 8 on

Older versions of Developer's Guide are still available here - Older versions. However, we do not plan to move these versions on just yet.

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mojtaba kavand answered on June 23, 2014 01:48

of course I know that document is related to Kentico Version 6 , but would you please try to find documentation related to that topic in Kentico 8 documentation on and see if you've got any success or not ? (because that topic is strongly valid in Kentico 8 according to sample ecommerce web site in Kentico 8 ,so developers need to review documentation about that)

and this scenario happens for lots of topics in your new documentation system...

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